A board game to aware on food-waste

Together youthworkers and ESC volunteers from STRANAIDEA came up with the idea of a board game on food waste around the 27 EU countries, inspired to the classical board game “Trivial-Pursuit”. An informative game based on recipes around 27 EU countries, curiosities and phrases about food and food waste, everything expressed through a funny and involving way

After the participation in the seminar held in Turin in December 2021 within the Participart project financed with Erasmus plus funds, Stranaidea’s team has had the opportunity to come in contact with partners’ teams, exchange ideas on questions around “cultural participation” and “youth engagement and involvement” and be inspired by new methods experienced during the seminar.

Youth-workers and the mentor of 9 European volunteers hosted for 12 months by Stranaidea in Turin within the programme European Solidarity Corps have participated to the seminar. The contact with “La Candela” has been an inspiration so as to insert some techniques of Forum Theatre at the monitoring process of learning for the group of volunteers. Thematic meetings have been done together with the volunteers using Forum Theatre techniques so as to deal with conflicts they have had to deal with in the new contest. This method facilitated significantly the dialogue with and among them, the elaboration of facts and of alternative future solutions that have obviously had positive effects on communication and empathy among them.

In addition, implementing methods, techniques and seeds of ideas exchanged during the seminar led youth-workers to create a participative, creative path through which the group of European volunteers has been guided and inspired to create a tool, useful to facilitate youngsters’ engagement during various events, mainly during the informative meetings where the volunteers are often invited to promote the ESC programme. The idea with which the group of volunteers came up was the creation of a board game so as to increase awareness on a very specific topic: food waste around the 27 EU countries. The 9 volunteers made the research for the contents, created the contents and the design of the game. The game, inspired to the classical board game “Trivial-Pursuit” – can be played by 1 to 6 players and the only competition raises, not against other players, but against the proper curiosity to get to know more about the topic. It’s an informative game based on recipes around 27 EU countries, curiosities and phrases that have to do with food, data on food waste, everything expressed through a funny and involving way.

Until now, the game, created on May 2022, has been used in two informative days on ESC programme so as to increase curiosity and European dimension among the participants of the meetings and to open them to other cultures. In fact, what we realized during the meetings where we tested the game, is that after having played on the topic of food, which is a strong link among people so as to express cultural differences and similarities, youngsters have been more open to speak and exchange cultural elements, not necessarily linked to food, and to debate on environmental questions since the game gives some impressive elements on the behavior of the inhabitants of each European country, surprising prejudices that one maybe have. The game has also been used for a big participatory event organized to celebrate the 35+1 years of social action of our organization. In that moment more than 600 people (workers, users of the services and inhabitants of the neighborhood where the event took place) participated to the event, testing the game proposed by the volunteers.

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