Fundación Splora, Spain

The lead organization

The SPLORA foundation was created to promote and develop social, environmental and innovation projects in the Castilla y Leon region of Spain. Foundation unites 2 main Scout organizations of the region into one entity becoming an organization that reaches the highest number of children, youth, youth workers and educators of the region.

Main SPLORA activities are in the field of child and youth work within the non-formal education and with reference to the Scout movement. SPLORA organizes its activities from a human rights perspective and commitment to strengthen economic, social, environmental and cultural development of Valladolid and the Castilla y Leon region.

Splora is managing one of the 3 youth centers in Valladolid that is located in the pine forest: Spacio 3.14.

Splora unites around 40 active volunteers with diverse backgrounds: educators, youth workers, scout leaders, project managers, artists, communication experts, social workers etc.