Stranaidea, Italy

A social cooperative from Italy

Stranaidea scs Impresa Sociale is a social cooperative founded in 1986 in Turin. It is involved in all areas of need of society with projects of social inclusion, support for active citizenship, increase of employability, support for family and parenting: its services cover the entire life span of the beneficiaries, from childhood to adulthood.

The objective of the cooperative’s actions is to increase people’s autonomy and functioning in order to achieve a higher level of individual and collective well-being. Stranaidea promotes a view of local community, solidarity and welcoming, where people can develop their fundamental skills.

Rooted in the territories in which it operates, through the involvement of stakeholders, the active participation of users, the commitment within the local representative institutions, the cooperative achieves an enrichment of self-organization and self-promotion of the community.

The European sector within the organization, active in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects, promotes a continuous opening of the organization in a European level, giving the opportunities to users with fewer opportunities to come in contact with Europe as well as to workers and educators to enrich their methods, contacts and educational tools.