Team members

These are the people from the organizations involved who will be most actively involved in participART

Fundación Splora

I am Latvian and I have been living in Valladolid, Spain for the last 4 years. Before that I lived in Riga, the capital city of Latvia.

Living in these 2 quite different places has given me the opportunity to get to know the lifestyles people have, habits and different ways how urban cultures can be developed. Currently I work in the SPLORA foundation as a manager of European projects. I love developing projects on innovation and I see this project as a great platform where lots of learning can happen and new bridges between different fields, cities, organizations can be built. I am excited to contribute with my experience and learn from others.

Kalnciema Quarter

I am a project manager at Kalnciema Quarter and Agenskalns market. Participation in the project is prompted by the initiative to bring community theater to the Agenskalns neighbourhood and to create an open and inclusive community through theater practices. Additional value is to create collaborations with the partner organisations and work on long-term projects together.

La Candela Teatro y Comunidad

I was born in the northern coast of Spain and I have been living in Valladolid, since 2011, when I come moved to study at School of Drama. I am part of the team of La Candela Teatro y Comunidad from its very first moment.

I play different roles, both the stage and the organization: actor, joker, trainer, project manager… even driver during our travels. I am really excited about partcipArt project, because it is a great opportunity to learn from other organizations and professionals that are working with youth, culture, art and participation, as we do.

I really believe in art as a tool to empower people and to make our communities a better place where everyone’s Human Rights are respected and they can develop their projects. We will achieve it together. I’m sure of that.

Fundación Splora

I am a Spaniard who teaches English and I come from the Scouting world, so here in Splora I am working as a volunteer with my two passions, English and the opportunity to leave the world in better conditions.

I think education is the base of the change and as teachers we must improve our methods so developing projects on educational innovation like this and learning from our partners who work in different fields and come from different countries is an excellent way to improve our learning and teaching skills and continue working for a better world. The participArt project is a great platform to start learning and developing other ways of working and then put them into practice and adapt them to our environment, as well as a great opportunity to establish ties of fellowship with other associations from which we can learn a lot.


I’m Greek, living in Italy since 2012. I’d lived in big cities (Athens, Paris) as well as in small villages (Belvì, Seulo) in the middle of Sardinia.

Wherever I was, I’ve always created or was involved in projects that focus on art and active citizenship starting from local challenges. Nowadays, I’ve been living in Torino and I’m working in Stranaidea for European projects and projects of Social Theatre addressed to the local communities. ParticipART is a great opportunity for me to get to know colleagues form partner countries and exchange methods for working with communities in an artistic and participatory way.

La Candela Teatro y Comunidad

I´m Spanish and I was born in Valladolid. I´m living in Madrid for three years. I’m an actress.

When I finished my Drama degree, I started to work in La Candela Teatro y Comunidad. Since then I´ve had the chance to use the theatre as a useful educational tool to make social changes, specifically through the Forum Theatre. Nowadays, I´m the president of La Candela´s Youth Section. I think Particip-Art is a perfect excuse to set up new challenges in our organization. I find this project useful to share different methodologies, to open our own way of looking at the world and to make deep links for future projects, not only for this one.